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Time for another episode of No User Serviceable Parts!

This time I'm not going to complain about self-tapping screws at all, nor am I going to have pro and con lists, nothing like that. This time I'm just going to ask you what's wrong with this picture.

Don't see it? Here's a hint.

Yes, that is a blob of epoxy, permanently bonding what would have been a detachable fan header to itself and also (perhaps not intentionally) the capacitor next door, thus forcing me to shell out $80 to replace the entire power supply instead of just $5 or $10 for a new fan.

What really infuriates me about this is, someone thought to make it a detachable fan header in the first place. They could have soldered the wires directly to the circuit board, but they realized that the fan tends to fail long before the rest of the power supply, so they specified a standard 120mm fan and a detachable header, so you could fix it. And then some other asshole came along and said no, we can't have that, epoxy it down!

Of course, person A didn't go far enough. The proper design would allow you to replace the fan without opening the enclosure that you're not supposed to open on pain of severe electric shock and/or loss of warranty. But then there would have been no episode of this show, and I suppose we can't have that, either.

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