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Primus: They're doing the “stump people with the first lines of your books” game over at and I thought I'd repost my entry here, what with the probably massively non-overlapping readership and what not:

  1. I suppose that if I were going to blame our involvement on anyone (which I see no reason to do), I would be compelled to say that it was all Aunt Charlotte's fault.
  2. The dragons came at dawn, flying low and in formation, their jets so thunderous they shook the ground like the great throbbing heartbeat of the world.
  3. She was made after the time of ribs and mud. By papal decree there were to be no more people born of the ground or from the marrow of bones.
  4. Lest details be mistaken for clues, note that Mr. Charles Unwin, lifetime resident of this city, rode his bicycle to work every day, even when it was raining. [Jedidiah Berry, The Manual of Detection — guessed by [ profile] xorphus]

Secundus: This is an actual article for sale not that far from where I live. I'm not sure whether it is more offensive to vampires or to occultists.

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The fourth one is The Manual of Detection, yes?

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